2000 – Today

Eze Village (South of France), Palm Beach (Florida/USA), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Obertrum (Austria), Funchal (Madeira)

This time was shaped by my various creative projects. It was the implementation of the architectural planning of various worlds of experience such as World of Living, such as the art of parking garage wall design. In the years of implementation, painting was downgraded.

In my art the expression of my paintings became more and more intense. The color takes over the dominance over the clear drawings from the previous period. Some of the paintings are painted over with various layers of paint over the years. Old pictures of mine from the years 1975 to 2000 were also used as printing templates and painted over.


There were various experiments in different directions, but the origin of my painting, based on the picture “The Head”, has been strengthened more and more and has retained its character.

The painting “Love can make you dance” was used for the book cover “O Amor a grande ferramenta” by Sonia Sahao, Brazil 2008 ISBN 978-85-906985-1-7.

While I really wanted to attract attention in the “young artist” phase with my crazy clothes and eccentric demeanor, I was calm and relaxed in my appearance in the “mature artist” phase. The titles of my paintings reflect my emotional state. The paintings speak for themselves and do not require any in-depth explanation.

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