Sex in art is a central element for me, like love and pain

I have lived in many countries and experienced diverse cultures

In some phases I was extensive, wild and loud. In another phase I was completely withdrawn and introverted

Until today I haven’t found the middle ground. Maybe I don’t even want to find his middle ground, because it is just “middle” and without any conclusions. Maybe my life should be like this:

“River deep – mountain high”

Love inflamed and enthusiasm have shaped my life. Since I was young I have been very hard to please. I did not know wrong from right. I just lived an excessive life not taking care whom I ‘d hurt or not. But in the end, I got hurt the most

I learned a lot from these wild experiences, as well as from the women I loved. Eptisam introduced me to the culture and religion of Arabic wisdom. From Nicole I learned a lot of Jewish culture, from Flavia the South American way of life and family and a new perspective on christian churches. When I summarize these experiences, everything is based on a very similar big mindset. I cannot understand why we are at war instead of leaving a common peaceful footprint on this world

I foresaw many things in my paintings. Some of them are shaped by the fear of what is coming. “Fear can eat up your soul”. It is not easy to escape from it. However, an artist can transform his fear and feelings onto the canvas. Only this experienced overall feeling creates great masterpieces

I am not only connected to Picasso by a passion for African art. We are both of the zodiac sign Scorpio. Honest, brutal and passionate. Open to everything new. Fascinating but also dicfficult. Egoists in all things, including ourselves and our work