“Art is creativity and creativity is more than just art”

Ludwig Morasch

Architecture is an art like painting, if you create something special

Fashion can also be art. Create a special contemporary style is an art in its way too. Create a contemporary style that not only inspires and fascinates people and their time, but also influences them. The miniskirt, for example, gave women a new freedom and self-confidence. He gave sex a new symbolic power

You can turn your life into a work of art if you live your life free from all constraints, like an independent, free spirit. Free like each artist’s life not submitted to any constaint. Everyone can do it – very few people dare

Anyone who has once lived the ecperience of free creativity will seek and find this path

By the way, everyone is creative by birth. Creativity was part of our childhood days. It was only often then that it was repressed and drowned in growing up

“Get creative and leave your footprint on this world”