1970 – 1990

Salzburg, Innsbruck (Austria) Cannes, Antibes (South of France)

Painting is an affair of the spirit and mind. An artist tumbles through a labyrinth of experiential realities and profound feelings. The most beautiful feeling is that of escaping the tyranny of reality and being free from the ties of objectivity.

The wide range of my early work shows my anxious pursuit of myself in my art. My inner restlessness and my fantasy could not be fully expressed in one style. I was a revolutionary, irascible and uncontrolled, constantly experimenting and searching for the true expression of my inner voice. By 1974 I finally found my first step to my clearly unmistakable trademark, my base of my unambiguous style.


I needed another twenty years to quietly let my style and my life evolve to full maturity. In 1994 – I came to realize that my paintings are my life: changing, short tempered, restless never restrained, passionately alive – immersed in the moment, excited and gentle at the same time. I have finally found that which I resisted for so long: me and my style.


It was a crazy and wild time. Exuberant celebrations, a roller coaster ride of feelings and inspiration. I burned the candle from two sides. I got to know interesting people from show business. I discussed my various pictures with Mick Jagger und Charlie Watts – also a painter. Guy Laroche from London, who created the make-up for David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, inspired me to paint David Bowie and the subject of duality of personality.

1975 In Cannes and my time in Antibes, my artistic connection to Picasso increased. I got to know many personalities there who broadened my vision beyond the limits of reality. I was now also under the art management of Pingi Alt. For the summer of 1976 I had the promise to work with Salvator Dali. However, I had ended my management with Alt and had taken a long break. The years before were too wild, too exciting and too excessive. The subject of National Socialism, which at the time first revealed an horror to me on television, was dealt with in the series by the Weiss family in frightening drawings. I needed rest and had to find the groundwork for a peaceful life again.

I suddenly had the feeling that I was discovering even more and experimenting with the diversity of creativity and contrasting it with normality. I came to the realization “Creativity is more than just art.” From 1983 to 1989 I lived in the fashion world. I’ve been to the most important trade fairs and events around the world. In New York I met Andy Warhol at the New York Pret. The escape into the fashion world was even crazier and more harmful to health than the wild seventies. But it was an experience that I later processed in my paintings in the years that followed.